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A glance at our history

Al Taglio wasn't made in a day...

  • 997


    We need to go back a bit, to the end of the middle ages actually, to see how the word ‘pizza’ appeared. Etymologists attribute its origin to either the High German word ‘bizzo’ meaning ‘piece of bread’, or ‘pitta’ from the Greek. What is clear is that when the tomato arrived in Europe from South America in the 16th century, things started happening. The tomato settled in Madrid first, and then moved onto Naples–the birthplace of the modern pizza.

  • 1830


    The first pizzeria in the world, Port Alba, opens in Naples. Napolitanos start having animated discussions about the different ways of preparing a pizza garnished with tomatoes, mozzarella and anchovies. Port Alba, an institution, is still operating today.

  • 1889


    Just after the unification of Italy, Queen Marguerite visits Naples. In her honor, the chef Raffaele Esposito, of the celebrated Pizzeria de la Salita Sant’Anna di Palazzo– re-babtized as Pizzeria Brandi as it’s still known today–created the Margherita, a pizza garnished with mozzarella, fresh basil and tomatoes. Gloriously representing the green, white and red of the Italian flag, this pizza still retains an exalted status.

  • 1950


    In Rome, artisan bakers looking to attract a new clientele invent pizza “al taglio” (literally “to size”). It’s pizza that comes in squares that are priced by weight. Cooked on a rectangular pan, the crust is light, tasty and crunchy. Buonissimo!

  • 1962


    Birth of Olivier Papillon, the creator of the Al Taglio pizzerias in Paris. Bambino, he spends every vacation at the home of his grandparents amongst the wheat fields of a small village deep in Seine-et-Marne. This is where he has come to appreciate great bread and exceptional local products.

  • 2006


    After 25 years in the journalism world as art director for publications like Globe Magazine, Nova Mag, Biba and Philosophie Magazine, Olivier Papillon answers an inner calling to take a new path, getting his master baker diploma (CAP) in 2007. It’s the start of a new life. Not la dolce vita, but almost.

  • 2008


    Al Taglio Popincourt opens its doors at 2 bis, rue Neuve-Popincourt. In December, Le Fooding gives it the “best little luxury” award for our potato and truffle cream pizza.

  • 2011


    Farniente is something Al Taglio leaves to its customers. This year, Olivier Papillon doubles up, opening a second store in Paris at 27, rue de Saintonge, in the heart of the Marais. Quality, authenticity, originality and savoir-faire are always on the menu. Buon appetito !


Choose, taste, share

Magic fingers

Al Taglio means rectangular sections of pizza garnished with fresh, authentic products of quality imported from various regions of Italy. The savoir-faire of our Pizzaioli is regularly enhanced by Italian master bakers who share their latest techniques.
You won’t find the standard round Neapolitan pizza at our place. Here, you choose which pizza you want, and how big a piece of it you’d like. Then, it’s cut, weighed and served on a wooden platter. It’s about getting a taste of each pizza that appeals to you.
The array of fresh pizzas on display is meant to be tempting. Choose according to your tastes and appetite, and then eat at large tables in a convivial atmosphere.
Throughout the evening, fresh pizzas emerge, inviting you to sample to your heart’s delight, ranging from the classics to some of our more original pizzas with a French touch. Choose, taste, share. La bella vita, no?

Toppings of Quality

All the savoir-faire of Italy in Paris


Without fresh, high-quality toppings brought in from Italy, the savoir-faire of a Pizzaiolo is lost. Al Taglio brings all the right things together in one place.

Our first priority is freshness, and it’s no problemo. Our fruits and vegetables come directly from Rungis every three days.

The entire Italian boot regularly contributes to our transalpine product selection. The north offers up cheeses of incomparable quality like the Talegggio Lombard, creamy as a dream. Sliced meats are produced and aged in Emilia-Romagna, close to Parma. The south distinguishes itself with its premium flour and a mozza di bufala that speaks for itself. High-end items like black truffle cream also make the trip across the Alps to bring you authentic pizza.

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